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SynbioML is a modular biological library that contains more than 5000 artificial synthetic genes and functional modules for diverse products. All these modules are preserved at Tianjin University, China.

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About Synthetic Biology

"Synthetic biology is a) the design and construction of new biological parts, devices and systems and b) the re-design of existing natural biological systems for useful purposes."

Source: Synthetic

"Synthetic biology is an emerging area of research that can broadly be described as the design and construction of novel artificial biological pathways, organisms or devices, or the redesign of existing natural biological systems."

Source: UK Royal Society

"Synthetic biology is the application of science, technology, and engineering to facilitate and accelerate the design, manufacture, and/or modification of genetic materials in living organisms to alter living or nonliving materials."

Source: Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks of the European Union

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